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 Tax Preparation 

   WE ARE READY TO PROCESS YOUR TAXES.  Call 720-364-6597  or  select Contact/Pricing for appointments.  Virtual (starts 1/16/2024) or Drop Off are always available.  Open for sit down appointment Jan 24,2024 MON - FRI 10 - 6 SAT 10 - 2

 Get affordable tax preparation for all states from a neighborhood business  with 15 years in the southwest Denver/Lakewood  community.  Low fees and open appointments. Scroll up and click on CONTACT and let's get started  on YOUR TAXES .


 New Customer  Pricing

by appointment



1040...Head of Household,  (1099R),...MFJ...$200

1040(includes Sch A,B & Day Care)...Home... $225

1040(includes Sch E,D)...Stock/Rental....$250

1040(includes above, Sch C ..(1099MISC)...Small Business...start...$325

(+75/hr accounting fee if over 1 hour)

1040 Crypto Return.............................................$500

1120S Corporate....................................................$650

Amended Returns......$200+

Prior Year Returns .....add $100(2022) add $150(2021)....$200+/yr(2+yrs)




7877 W Jewell Ave,  Lakewood, CO 80232

 Tax Preparation

*We can help you get caught up on your tax filing at an affordable price*   

* Mail/Drop off return to 7877 W Jewell Ave Lakewood, CO 80232  or scan to *


Virtual Tax Returns

We successfully process hundreds of Virtual Tax Returns every tax season and we will continue this resource.  We have developed a safe and confidential network to make your tax experience less nerve racking and more efficient.  You may drop your tax information off at the office or scan it 24/7 to  Most returns are processed within 48 hours and your refund is directly deposited to your checking or savings account for free by the IRS.


 New for 2024

Before you get ready to process your return take a little time to research these new tax laws.


The child tax credit is back to $2000 from $3000 - $3600 last year so don't expect a large return if you have dependents.   Premium Insurance from the Obama Care Marketplace could yield a overage and bump up your return.  1099K forms for Venmo, PayPal, etc.  (cash apps) will not have to be reported this year.  (This form is still used for reporting credit card earnings) Child and Dependent Care credit has increased to $1,800 for qualifying expenses.  Business mileage = $.67.  Energy Credits for home improvement (heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, insulation, efficient doors and windows, electrical panel upgrades),  Residential Clean Energy credit ( rooftop solar, wind, geothermal and battery storage), 

W2s and Transcripts

 W-2's have to be mailed out by January 31st and most w-2's can be downloaded online. Form 1099G will come in the mail for those who received unemployment. * I CAN'T FIND MY W2S*  =     A TRANSCRIPT is a report generated by the IRS for all previous year  W-2'S, 1099 and all tax information for each  taxpayer.  Ask us about TRANSCRIPT HELP.   Schedule C(Small business) clients must have all expense information calculated and in order.  A $75/hr accounting fee will be added for appointment lasting one hour and beyond.


Need a transaction report (brokerage company will supply this form for you or you can have one made by Zen Ledger or the like)



The  last day to timely e-file you taxes is April 15th.  Call for an appointment.

*Extension can be made at the office starting April 10, 2023. Extensions are by request only and are not automatic.



We welcome you to do business with us.  We take newbies to Colorado and all tax stragglers . Make an appointment soon!



7877 W Jewell Ave,  Lakewood, CO 80232

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